Kris Cain

Kris Cain is serving with InFaith An American Mission. Serving in downriver metro Detroit and southern Ontario Canada. Ministering to Muslims, homeless, suicidal individuals, inmates, and the sex trafficked. He is also the founder of the New Hope Ministries programs, which reaches broken people through relationship evangelism, and discipleship.

Jay & Melanie Cooper

Jay and Melanie Cooper are missionaries with RBM Ministries (RBM headquarters are in Kalamazoo, MI.), ministering in Wayne and Monroe Counties in Michigan. They are involved in 2 different outreaches. One is directing Vacation Bible Schools for churches during the summer months, usually 12 to 14 Bible Schools each summer. The other is Released Time Bible Classes. Released Time is a program that allows public school students to be released from school during school hours once a month for up…

Todd & Liana Corbin

Todd & Liana Corbin formerly with Pioneers now serve with Ministry Essentials. They work with Third Culture Kids (TCK). Todd speaks to and mentors college age TCK. Todd & Liana live in Orlando, FL with their two sons. They travel all over the country and world to minister to TCK.

Duane Cuthbertson

Dr. Duane Cuthbertson is an ordained minister and counselor with Growing Together Ministries. GTM is a counseling ministry which provides counseling services for individuals and couples. Dr. C primarily counsels free of charge at Peoples Church in Pinckney. He has held many marriage and parenting seminars and has written three books. 

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministry

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries provides services ranging from emergency shelter to job training. Every day, the services we provide touch the lives of more than 1,400 men, women and children in the Detroit community. The DRMM is much more than a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Our evidence-based services address the needs of the whole individual. We assist those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol toward their goal of obtaining sobriety. We help teen mothers finish high school and…

Gospel Opportunities

Gospel Opportunities is a radio ministry began in 1975 and operates across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Michigan. Their purpose is sharing the gospel of Christ and to help build up Christians in their faith. They combine Bible-teaching programs and traditional, conservative music.

IFCA International

IFCA International is a Fellowship of churches and believers from around the world who are committed to biblical ministry in an effort to enhance the strength of the Church by equipping for, and encouraging toward, ministry partnerships to accomplish Great Commission objectives.

Don & Katrina Hines

Don & Katrina Hines are serving with CRU Valor at VA Tech. This campus is home to nearly 1,200 cadets (future military officers). They are seeking to raise up a generation of men and women within our Armed Services who are passionate about living the Gospel out within our military both at home and abroad. Through personal evangelism, group and individual discipleship, and spiritual leadership training they are helping turn lost cadets into lifelong laborers of Jesus who will not only serve…

Kevin & Olga Kenney

Kevin and Olga Kenney are missionaries with the Gospel Furthering Fellowship currently serving in Spain. Their primary ministry is church planting in the area of 10 towns in the center of Catalunya, Spain. They are involved in their local church by strengthening believers, cleaning, maintenance, Bible Study, etc. They are also involved in year round children’s and youth Bible camps.

LeRoy & Barbara Kenney

The ministry of LeRoy and Barbara formerly involved a new church plant in the Moia area of the providence of Barcelona, Spain. They trained men for leadership and Barbara worked with the children and ladies to prepare them for future service in the local church. Now retired from the overseas mission field, they are actively involved in their local church here in the States.

Steve & Belva Kotlarczyk

Steve & Belva are missionaries in Tokyo, Japan. They grew up in Belleville. Both Steve and Belva keep busy with various ministries including lending a hand with building projects at a camp and their church. Steve leads a mountain hiking camp in the spring and Belva holds cooking classes. They have also been busy ministering to those affected by the earth quake and tsunami that hit Japan.

Ben & Sarah Layer

Ben & Sarah Layer are church planters serving in Poland. As church planters they are involved in evangelism and discipleship as well as equipping new church leaders. They are currently involved in two separate church plants. They have 3 daughters, Mikaela, Maia and Aleyna.

Tom & Glenda Lowell

Tom & Glenda Lowell are missionaries with Trans World Radio. Tom is chairman of the TWR Board of Directors and is involved in their church’s building program. Glenda teaches a Bible Study class at an Assisted Living facility and leads an outreach to elderly widows and widower in the Wake Chapel Church.

Dick & Carolyn Manion

Dick & Carolyn live in Michigan and are involved with the Tentmakers Bible Mission. They are the Great Lakes Representative for the TBM. Dick serves on the board of directors. His ministry involves meeting and interviewing missionary candidates from the Great Lakes Region, speaking in churches about missions, providing pulpit supply, participating in candidate schools at the mission headquarters and publishing Tentmakers News.

Matias Jr. & Krissia Mojica

Matias Mojica, Jr. serves with Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He recently finished his medical studies which have been a helpful tool in the field. He married Krissia on May 18, 2018. They are currently serving a three-month province medical practice in the mountain village of Samaipata and leading the Maranatha Baptist Church.

Bob & Gayle Murray

After serving in Nigeria for 21 years, Bob & Gayle were asked by SIM to return to the US to assume the role of Midwest Regional Directors. SIM is a global mission with missionaries from over 50 countries serving in 65+ countries throughout the world. They visit colleges and universities in the region to encourage students to consider personal involvement in missions. They work with churches to help them achieve greater engagement in missions as well as providing a personal…

Steve & Martha Murray

Steve & Martha Murray are missionaries with Ethnos 360. They serve in Chihuahua, Mexico teaching at an MK (Missionary Kid) school. Steve also serves as the assistant principal. They have two adult children: Timothy and Adriana.

Our Daily Bread

ODB is a non-denominational, non-profit organization with staff and volunteers in over 35 offices working together to distribute more than 60 million resources in 150 countries. Regardless of whether it’s a radio or television broadcast, DVD, podcast, book, mobile app, or website, they provide materials to help people grow in their relationship with God. Their mission is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.

Dick & Laura Paul

Dick and Laura work with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. They had been missionaries in foreign fields for more than 44 yrs and are now living in the U.S. and serving the Lord here. Dick is currently helping a new independent church plant in Illinois. He is teaching Adult Bible Classes and various series.

Bob & Karon Schneider

After Bob & Karon were married, they worked in an internship in Chicago and then spent 4 years at Mayfair Bible Church in Flushing, where Bob served as youth pastor for 1 years. In 1991 they moved to the Barcelona area and helped to start Ripollet Bible Church. The second church plant established was in the south of Spain. In 2002 the Lord led them to Luquillo, Puerto Rico where the Luquillo Bible Church was planted. They are involved in…

John-Mark & Sara Sheppard

John-Mark and Sara Sheppard have served in Liberia since 2013 with SIM. Their ministry is focused on translating the Bible in the previously-untranslated Manya language. They have three biological children (James, Noah & Audrey) as well as several other “adopted” children in Liberia.

HC & Chingboi Stephen

HC Stephen is a missionary to Churachandpur, India with ABWE GAP Ministries.  Stephen and his family are involved with overseeing a church, a Bible college and seminary, multiple orphanages, a camp ministry and training and sending pastors to plant churches.  Stephen is married to Chingboi and has three children: John, Sarah and Kezia. 

Bryan & Michelle Vercler

Bryan & Michelle Vercler are currently serving in Ottawa, Canada. They are burdened to reach the international population in Ottawa with the Gospel.  They serve as church planting missionaries with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Their focus is evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training in order to establish multi-cultural churches. Bryan and Michelle have four children.

David & Annalisa Wilson

David and Annalisa are ministering at High Road Baptist Church in North London. They moved there in December 2015 after serving in Chesham, England for almost three years. They were sent from Colonial Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, VA through ABWE to help in reestablishing churches. Please continue to pray for David and Annalisa and stay informed as to what is happening via their blog.