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Our giving at Bethany is shaped by 4 foundational convictions demonstrated in the lives of the 1st century believers in Corinth and Macedonia (1 Cor. 16 and 2 Cor. 8). Following their pattern, we believe we are called to give Systematically, Sacrificially, Proportionately, and Cheerfully.

There are several ways to give to support BBC. You can give during our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services, at the church office during regular business hours, or online. To give online, click the “Give Now” link at the bottom of this page. You’ll be redirected to our secure online giving service where you can give as a “guest” or sign in with your Realm login email address. With a Realm account, you’ll be able to set up automatic recurring donations and track your giving online.

For information on setting up a Realm account, please contact the church office or IT administrator at web@bethanybiblechurch.com.

When contributing online, please consider the following:
We are currently accepting Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT/EBT) contributions as the sole method of online giving due to the high fees associated with debit/credit card transactions.

Online Giving FAQ