Celebrating 60 Years!


Todd & Liana Corbin

Todd & Liana Corbin formerly with Pioneers now serve with Ministry Essentials. They work with Third Culture Kids (TCK). Todd speaks to and mentors college age TCK. Todd & Liana live in Orlando, FL with their two sons. They travel all over the country and world to minister to TCK.

Kris Cain

Kris works in the Detroit Metro & Ontario areas ministering to Muslims, deaf people, prison inmates, and those who suffer from various addictions. Kris’ main ministries include: Bible Studies, sign language classes, and park days.

Jay Cooper

Jay Cooper works with Rural Bible Mission.  He does Release Time Classes in Wayne and Monroe Counties ministering to children.  The classes are about 1-1/2 hrs. once a month and he is able to share the love of Christ with the kids.

Duane Cuthbertson

Dr. Duane Cuthbertson is a counselor with Growing Together Ministries. GTM is a counseling ministry which provides counseling services to individuals and couples through the local church.  Each year Dr. Cuthbertson counsels 25-30 couples and individuals.  He has held many marriage & parenting seminars and has written a 3 books on various subjects.  Duane is also…

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministry

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries provides services ranging from emergency shelter to job training. Every day, the services we provide touch the lives of more than 1,400 men, women and children in the Detroit community. The DRMM is much more than a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Our evidence-based services address the needs of the whole…

Gospel Opportunities

Gospel Opportunities is a radio ministry began in 1975 and operates across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Michigan. Their purpose is sharing the gospel of Christ and to help build up Christians in their faith. They combine Bible-teaching programs and traditional, conservative music.

Don & Katrina Hines

Don & Katrina Hines are serving with CRU Valor at VA Tech. This campus is home to nearly 1,200 cadets (future military officers). They are seeking to raise up a generation of men and women within our Armed Services who are passionate about living the Gospel out within our military both at home and abroad. Through…

IFCA International

IFCA International is a Fellowship of churches and believers from around the world who are committed to biblical ministry in an effort to enhance the strength of the Church by equipping for, and encouraging toward, ministry partnerships to accomplish Great Commission objectives.