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  1. While I am well aware of these Biblical interpretations, the over bearing need for a believer to be an
    example of the believers, to be Christ-like (whether by His beverage choices or His willing death),
    to give all for the opportunity to save one, prevent a faithful believer from imbibing alcoholic drink.
    A father that openly consumes alcohol is setting his children up for failure. It is not wrong to use
    anecdotal proof here to warn all believers away from the consequences of drunkenness! A church that openly embraces wide spread use of alcoholic beverages will be at odds with those who come into its midst having suffered in the homes — and bars — o f abusing consumers. To simply qualify everything as a caution not to be drunken begs the question of self control. Your thoughtful and consistent warnings in this sermon were greatly appreciated. I only pray that God the Holy Spirit will help believers to be filled with His righteousness and not wine.

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