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  1. Discouragement often leads to wrong feelings, and these wrong feelings often lead us astray. Our feelings lie to us and we loose trust. Trust is hardest when we are being lead by our false feelings. I often feel alone, abandoned, or just that no-one really cares. I now know how blessed I am, but I still struggle with this abandonment issue. Each day now I work on knowing God’s love. I am learning to pray and read the word more and more. When things are good I am learning to pray and give thanks, I am learning to trust and even though it is still a challenge I am so great full to have the opportunity to grow in this area. Even though I have not always veiwed my trials as blessings I’m learning to trust that God’s will for me. I’m working on growing in God’s good plan for me, I know now as I work through the pains of the past and present I will come to a place where I will be able to minister and help others heal and grow as I’m currently doing.

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