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Bible for Life is a program designed to give the attender a well-rounded understanding of God, His Word and what it says. In five years, an individual taking the courses will take classes in each major doctrine, get an overview of every book of the Bible and engage in other areas of practical theology. Each course is typically 5-8 weeks long. You can join at any time during the year. Bible for Life is offered Wednesday nights at 7:00pm and Sunday mornings at 9:45am (Sunday morning is reserved primarily for those who have other obligations on Wednesday nights). Bring a Bible and a pen and get ready to learn!

Current Summer Study | The Book of Daniel

New Study Begins September 11th | Contemporary Issues
Modern believers face countless challenging ethical questions and dilemmas.  Some questions are as old as time. Sometimes modern technology offers new twists on old questions. The issues are heavy and difficult: abortion, euthanasia, reproductive and genetic technology, capital punishment, divorce and remarriage, gender identity… and the list goes on.

This course offers biblical solutions to ethical problems old and new. It seeks to engage the culture by wrestling with some of the most current—and challenging—hot topic issues. Christians will be equipped to share their faith and provide biblical answers to the world’s most pressing questions.