Leviticus 3 – Comparing the Text

Leviticus 3 – Comparing the Text

For each of the first three offerings in Leviticus 1-3, there has been a noticeable pattern: the text will begin with a paragraph explaining the offering ritual, then the next two paragraphs duplicate much of the first paragraph, only with a less expensive version of the same offering.

My method for studying these chapters has been to begin with a translation and comparison of the text, putting each paragraph side-by-side and observing the similarities and differences.  When I go to preach, there’s no need to repeat all the similar instructions, but instead in the second and third paragraphs, I draw attention to the differences and offer explanation and application.                  

Here’s an example in both Hebrew and English (ESV) of what Leviticus 3 looks like in a side-by-side comparison.  Each column represents a paragraph, and you compare the text horizontally.  Yellow highlights indicate exact correspondence, whereas green highlights indicate a place where the second and third paragraphs match with each other, without matching the first paragraph.


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