Leviticus 22b – Comparing Defects

Leviticus 22b – Comparing Defects

When we read the list of defects that would have kept an animal from being sacrificed in Lev 22:22-25, we find that they resemble the list of defects that would have kept a priest from serving publicly in 21:18-20.  Because I know you are super curious, here’s a handy chart comparing the two lists (English is taken from ESV):

Both lists offer twelve disqualifying defects.  The lists don’t match, but they both begin with blindness and end with injuries to the testicles.  About a third of the lists share exact language, another third inexact but similar language and the final third different defects (however, #2 – “disabled” in the Lev 22 list can cover injuries to the hand or foot).

Though the lists don’t match perfectly, the similarities force the reader to compare the priests with the sacrifices, which is exactly what part of the sermon did today.


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