Leviticus 12 – A Clean Quiz

Leviticus 12 – A Clean Quiz

Let’s do something a little different for this week’s Cutting Room Floor Blog.  Here’s a quiz to see who was paying attention and can best apply the concepts in today’s sermon.

            Remember: the first person to email me a perfect score of correct answers gets a prize!

            The first three questions come directly from the sermon.  The rest separate the wheat from the chaff!

Question #1: Is it a sin to be unclean?

            A) Always

            B) Sometimes

            C) Never

Question #2: What is the opposite of holy?

            A) Unholy

            B) Common

            C) Cooties

            D) All of the Above

Question #3: What are Christians?

            A) Purified

            B) Consecrated

            C) Sick of Leviticus

            D) A & B

Question #4: An Israelite knowingly has a nice lobster dinner.  Is he…

            A) Sinning

            B) Unholy

            C) Unclean

            D) All of the Above

Question #5: A chef accidentally exchanges meat sauce for lobster sauce in an Israelite’s pasta dish.  The Israelite doesn’t realize it and takes a bite.  Is he…

            A) Sinning

            B) Unclean

            C) All of the Above

Question #6: A clean animal moving from common to holy must become:

            A) Consecrated

            B) Purified

            C) Decootified

Question #7: Holiness never refers to:

            A) A person

            B) A place

            C) Time

            D) None of the Above

Question #8: Which of these is an example of relative holiness?

            A) The Levites

            B) The Ark of the Covenant

            C) None of the Above

            D) All of the Above

Question #9: When does a woman offer her sacrifices after giving birth to a baby boy?

            A) When the boy is 7 days old

            B) When the boy is 8 days old

            C) When the boy is 33 days old

            D) When the boy is 40 days old

            E) When the boy is 41 days old

            F) When the boy is 80 days old

            G) When the boy is 81 days old

Question #10: Why are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day Weekend 2020?

            A) You have a hot date

            B) You like chocolate and flowers

            C) You are a romantic at heart                  

            D) Bodily Discharges


  1. Beth Ann Verde

    1) B Sometimes
    2) A Unholy (New Testament)
    B Common (Old Testament)
    3) A Purified
    B Consecrated
    Both accomplished through the shed blood of Jesus
    4) A Sinning
    5) B Unclean
    6) A Consecrated
    7) D None of the above
    8) A the Levites
    9) D 40 days old
    10) D Bodily discharges

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