Isaiah 2:2-5 // Micah 4:1-5

Note: All Scripture in NASB.

*Black font indicates identical Hebrew language; gray font indicates differences; red font notes where “peoples” and “nations” are switched in Hebrew.

**In a number of places, the NASB is inconsistent with the translation from the Hebrew. In these places, the Hebrew is identical and the English translation slightly differs. Examples: “Now” and “And” in the opening sentence both translate vav. “Concerning” and “about” in Isa 2:3//Mic 4:2 are the same in Hebrew. “Learn” and “train for” in Isa 2:4//Mic 4:3 are identical verbs. In these cases, I kept the English black instead of graying out the differences. This also goes for the 6th line of 2:3//4:2, where the order in Hebrew is the same, but the English order differs in translation.

***It is clear that Mic 4:4-5a is unparalleled in Isaiah. There is only slight verbal correspondence in Isa 5:5b//Mic 4:5b.

****The “and” (vav) that begins each might indicate that Micah was original, for it fits better with the flow of his context.  Beginning vs 2 with a vav after Isa 2:1 seems possibly out of place.


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