Hebrews 4b-5a – Who Should I Vote For?

Hebrews 4b-5a – Who Should I Vote For?

Jesus is greater.

That’s the theme of Hebrews.  Three simple words.  One profound truth.

In today’s sermon, we saw that truth applied against the leadership of our country.  Who is greater: Jesus or Trump?  Who is greater: Jesus or Biden?

The answer is simple: Jesus!  The encouragement was to proclaim the name of Jesus more than you proclaim the name of a political leader or a political party.  Turn a political conversation into a spiritual conversation by pointing people to the greatest leader of all time.  Urge your neighbor or coworker or family member to rely on the King of Kings rather than to rely on a human leader or party.

That being said: Pastor—who should I vote for?

The question isn’t whether Jesus is greater than Trump or Biden.  We already know that answer and it won’t be on the ballot.

The question is: Trump or Biden?

Instead of sharing my own wisdom and insight on this issue, I felt it wiser to point you to some profound and helpful thoughts from others.  Here are a few annotated links that may help you decide how to answer that question come November.

First, David Platt’s brand-new, short book Before You Vote, is quite helpful thinking through the various issues.  He walks through seven key questions a Christian should ask before voting, including “How should I weigh the issues?”  It’s worth a read.  Here’s a link to the book on Amazon: 

These next two articles, both written by Joe Carter, summarize the positions on nearly every issue from the two major political parties.  They are both must-reads (assuming you’re voting either Democrat or Republican—I have purposefully chosen to focus on the two major parties in this blog post):

What You Should Know About the 2020 Republican Party Platform

What You Should Know About the 2020 Democratic Party Platform

This article, written by Justin Taylor, discusses a very controversial topic—whether or not the pro-life issue should disqualify candidates from a Christian vote.  The article provides a great number of links for further reading, not just on the abortion issue.  It’s long and at times challenging, but I’d highly recommend a careful read:

The Case Against Pro Lifers Voting For Joe Biden

Finally, I would recommend putting your life into perspective with the following article from Cameron Triggs: 

The Ballot Booth Is Not Your Baptism

Vote responsibly.  Vote prayerfully.  Vote with biblical wisdom and values in mind.

But keep in mind: whoever wins, Jesus is greater.

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  1. Daines Denise

    There is a third option nobody believes in or so it seems. 3rd party has won before. He is a Christian and I do believe a better choice the the two we have. I may stand alone on this one, this is ok with me. God knows where my heart is and that is all that is important to me.

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