1. Hugh & Mary MacEachern

    Hugh & Mary MacEachern would like to sign up for the Bible For Life class.

  2. Oakley Susanne

    Brian and Susanne Oakley are interested in signing up for the Bible for Life classes—how do we access it on Wednesday nights?

  3. Terresa Wood

    I (Terresa Wood) would like to sign up for Bible for Life class. I am new to this church and will be online this evening.

    • rvanhouten

      Hi Terresa! You are welcome to attend at any time, no sign up necessary. We do not offer any of our Wednesday classes through livestream, but the audio does get posted online after the class. Look forward to seeing you!

  4. Linda Pine

    I am new to the area and would like to attend the next How to Study the Bible class this Wed., 7/7. Can I do this online or do I have to come to the location above?

    Linda Pine

    • rvanhouten

      Hi Linda, unfortunately, we do not offer our Wednesday night services online. We’d love to have you join us in person at Bethany (810 E. Huron River Dr.).

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