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Elementary Students-Year Round Program
This program will be jam packed with fun activities. It will run all summer. It’s a great way to make friends, retain what they have already learned, and get a head start for the next year.

Pack your suitcases and get your passports ready because Bethany Day Care is launching a new summer program for Elementary students called Explorers. Each week Explorers will discover a new country through a variety of hands-on activities. Lots of STEAM projects(science, math, engineering, and art), cooking, sports, and drama will make learning about that country interesting and educational. We strive to provide children with the perfect balance of academics, independent play and FUN! Daily Bible devotionals, water days, quiet reading and walking field trips are also an important part of our summer curriculum.

Cost for Explorers’ Club is $160.00 per week or $34.00 per day (up to 9 hours per day. There is a onetime craft / supply fee of $40.00
During the school year, we have a latch key program. (only available for Edgemont students and Savage G.T. students). The children may come before and/or after school. Program includes an afternoon snack, games, homework time, and age appropriate activities.