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Cutting Room Floor (Page 6)

One of the most difficult and painful tasks for any well-studied sermon is to condense the material that is most important, relevant and valuable to the audience. Oftentimes, a good deal of good material is left on the preacher’s cutting room floor. Luckily, some of that material has found a place here.
At The Pastor’s Cutting Room Floor, you’ll find a number of things that don’t make it into the sermon, for a variety of reasons: there wasn’t enough time, the point was too small to make, the point was too technical to make, the issue is better dealt with out of the pulpit, etc.
Welcome to the stuff that didn’t make it. I pray it challenges you to deepen your understanding of God’s Word and to ultimately know Him better.

Exodus 4b CRF – The hzq of God

Today in the sermon, I teased the coming theological difficulty of Pharaoh’s hard heart. Who hardened it: God or Pharaoh? And how do we reconcile these statements together? Exodus 4:21 was the first verse to bring the issue up: God says to Moses, “I Myself will harden Pharaoh’s heart, so that he will not let…