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Cutting Room Floor (Page 2)

One of the most difficult and painful tasks for any well-studied sermon is to condense the material that is most important, relevant and valuable to the audience. Oftentimes, a good deal of good material is left on the preacher’s cutting room floor. Luckily, some of that material has found a place here.
At The Pastor’s Cutting Room Floor, you’ll find a number of things that don’t make it into the sermon, for a variety of reasons: there wasn’t enough time, the point was too small to make, the point was too technical to make, the issue is better dealt with out of the pulpit, etc.
Welcome to the stuff that didn’t make it. I pray it challenges you to deepen your understanding of God’s Word and to ultimately know Him better.

John 8c – Dueling Pronouns

In English, when we want to emphasize something in writing, we put it in italics.   We can also put an exclamation point at the end of a sentence to give it some added punch! And if you’re over 60 and don’t know any email etiquette, YOU MIGHT WRITE SOMETHING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Or, if…

John 8a – What about the Apocrypha?

Today’s sermon reviewed three “Tests of Canonicity” – factors that helped the early Church determine which books were indeed inspired and which were not. Remember, the Church did not cause these books to become inspired, but merely recognized the already-inspired nature of the NT books. Originally in the sermon I had a 5-minute discussion about…

John 5b – A Pyramid Scheme

Picture this: you’re reading the Bible, and you come across a verse that sounds really familiar. You look back a few sentences and discover that the verse sounds almost exactly like a previous verse you just read! One of the reasons that verses sometimes tend to “mirror” one another is that the author may be…

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