Ways to stay connected during Covid-19

Ways to stay connected during Covid-19

We have no choice during this world crisis but to practice social distancing and be apart from one another. But lets remember that the church is the people, not just a building! We hope you can find some of the resources listed below helpful in staying connected with the family at Bethany.

Private Facebook Group

Join our Facebook Group for conversation and resource sharing! We’ll also host a “watch party” each Sunday! Facebook groups are a great way to build community.

Social Media

Follow and chat with us on any of these social networks. We plan to regularly share encouragement and video posts from our Pastors.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Facebook tip: Click the “follow” button on our page, and then the down arrow and select “See First”, so you dont miss any posts!

Use our App to contact members

Church members can view other members contact info on our mobile app under the “Groups” tab and contact them easily right from the app!

Also available on your desktop. Login Here.

Sunday Mornings

Watch and chat during our Sunday Service Livestream right on our website or on Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo. You can still Give and even take Next Steps at Bethany anytime online!

Video Conference Calls

Life Groups, Bible Studies, and other groups can still meet virtually! Start a zoom video call or FaceTime with everyone together! If you need help getting setup let us know.

Call us!

We recognize not everyone is online. We are only a phone call away. Call our office M-F 9am-2pm to talk with a staff member. Or call or text a friend from church!

If you are still struggling with staying connected or need help; spiritually or physically, we are here to help however we can! Fill out this form to let us know of your need.

Letter From Pastor Bryan

Church Family,

By now, all our lives have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic spreading throughout our country and world. Schools, churches, restaurants, businesses—it seems no one has been left untouched by this virus. Though “normal” has been interrupted, our mission and call as Christians has not. We must still trust the Lord for our provision, our protection, our hope and guidance. We must not display the same fear and anxiety we see in the rest of the world (Matt 6:25-34). We can be a great source of hope and encouragement and love to those panicking around us.

The job of our leaders remains unchanged—shepherd the flock, love the church, care for the spiritual and physical needs of our people. Our leadership met last night to determine a plan to continue this bond of spiritual care and love in the midst of these crazy circumstances.

Because of the governor’s ban on all indoor activities with 50 or more people, we have no choice but to rearrange what church life will look like for the foreseeable future. As a church, we hope to provide comfort and encouragement throughout this time, despite not being able to meet in person.

– Pastor Bryan