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Proverbs 23b-24a: How Do I Count to 30?

After my first sermon on the “30 Sayings of the Wise” (Pr 22b-24) one of our teenagers in the church approached me with a very insightful question: “How do you know where each saying begins and ends?”

                  The question was more difficult than he knew.  Commentators lack unity on how to count to 30.  As I mentioned in my last CRF post, some don’t even see this as 30 sayings.  But for those who do, they disagree where one saying begins and another ends in a few key areas.

                  Out of curiosity, as I was trying to discern how I counted to 30, I charted out the positions of a few commentators.  Out of the seven I surveyed, no one agreed exactly on how to count to 30!

                  After studying the passage on my own, I found myself agreeing with one of the commentators on the chart below.  Can you figure out which one? Email me if you think you know!

*Secondary Preamble
**Renewed call to attention

Commentators Surveyed:

Richard J. Clifford, Old Testament Library: Proverbs
Sid S. Buzzell, Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old Testament, “Proverbs”
R. B. Y. Scott, The Anchor Bible Commentary: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes
Allen Ross, The NIV Application Commentary, “Proverbs”
Bruce Waltke, New International Commentary on the Old Testament: Proverbs 15-31
Michael V. Fox, The Anchor Yale Bible Commentary: Proverbs 10-31
Andrew E. Steinmann, Concordia Commentary: Proverbs


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