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            Proverbs has a lot to say to both parents and children about the most essential human relationship you have in your life.  Because there was so much, I was forced to cut quite a bit from today’s sermon.  Probably the most painful cut I had to make was Proverbs 17:6.

Proverbs 17:6 Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers. (ESV)

            I’m not a grandpa, and the one I had growing up did not live long enough to make much of an impact on me.  But I see the way my children light up my parents’ life and how proud my mom and dad are of my kids.  My grandchildren are like a crown upon my mom and dad’s head.

            One of my Bible professors used to say, “You don’t know if you’ve parented correctly until you see how your kids parent their kids.  If your grandkids are walking with the Lord, you’ve done something right.”

            The first half of this verse comes from the perspective of the grandparent.  The second half of the first comes from the perspective of the child.  We might’ve expected it to read, “The glory of father’s is their children.”  But that’s not what the verse says.  It says, “The glory of children is their fathers.”

            It’s a way of saying, “Your kid idolized you.”  Your kid adores you.  They look up to you.  They watch what you’re doing and they want to do it too.

            Boy, that’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?!  You can’t tell your kid one thing and then do another thing and expect them not to imitate you.  Children are wired to glory in their parents.  They want to be just like you.

            Your kids don’t listen to what you say and do it.

            Your kids look at what you do and do it.

            You can tell them that church is important, but unless you’re here and you’re active and involved, they won’t believe you.

            You can tell them to love their future spouse and be faithful.  But unless you treat your wife with honor and dignity, unless you speak to your husband with respect and grace, chances are your kids take those habits into their marriage too.

            Children can be a crown to grandma and grandpa.  But that starts with mom and dad raising them right.  The best way to raise them right is to model for them Jesus Christ.  Set an example, that they may follow in your footsteps.

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  1. It is a joy to help my granddaughter grow into a young woman and to see my son love and discipline her. Observing these things demonstrates that we as parents did influence both my son and granddaughter using Biblical principles. The glory goes to God and Jesus Christ.

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