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Proverbs 6b-7 – Freedom from Sexual Sin

Instead of writing up a more traditional Cutting Room Floor this week, I wanted to provide a list of documentation and articles that will be helpful to you if you or someone you know is struggling with sexual addiction. Below are some of the resources I mentioned in the sermon, along with a few others.


– Here is the full video from which I played a two-minute clip during the service. It’s worth listening to in its entirety:

Freedom from Pornography


– The website covenanteyes.com has helped countless individuals experience freedom from sexual addiction. Along with this website, you’ll find a couple of great downloadable resources, including “The Porn Circuit” and “Your Brain on Porn,” both of which have helpful information that made it into the message today. You can find these downloads here:



– Another eye-opening article I read regarding the effects of porn on the brain:



– Here’s a helpful website that briefly summarizes and reviews a number of filtering and accountability software for your devices:

Which Accountability Software is Right for Me? – Updated 2018


– A useful website with another version of accountability and filtering software. They have some helpful articles and community engagement on their website (note: the website URL seems scandalous, but it’s aimed at those struggling with pornography):



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