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John 21 – A Look Back

After 35 weeks studying the Gospel of John, I have been overwhelmed by the final verse of John’s message: “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written” (21:25 ESV).

Now only is that true regarding what John wrote, but I feel the truth in what was preached. 35 weeks is not enough! Much more could’ve been said. John’s Gospel holds a lifetime of learning within its pages.

As we come to the end, let’s look back on the Big Ideas of each chapter and consider the unifying message of this Gospel:


John 1a: Jesus became human so that humans may have life.

John 1b: Share your story by magnifying Jesus with Scripture.

John 1c: Good Disciples Make Disciples

John 2a: Praise God for the overflowing blessings of the Messiah!

John 2b: Zealously protect your hearts from distractions to worship

John 3a: Believe in Jesus, Yahweh incarnate, for eternal life

John 3b: Magnify Jesus in your life and ministry

John 4a: Sow Gospel seeds to all who need it

John 4b-5a: Believe it or not: Jesus is God

John 5b: The Verdict is in: Jesus is God.

John 6a: Seek spiritual satisfaction in Jesus

John 6b: Jesus’ death provides lasting spiritual satisfaction

John 7a: Teach Scripture truthfully to magnify God.

John 7b: Believers in Jesus will lead to a Spirit-filled life

John 7c-8a: God has faithfully preserved His Word

John 8b: Jesus shines light into this dark world

John 8c: Knowing Jesus will set you free from sin and Satan.

John 9: Open your eyes to the light of the world

John 10: Follow the voice of the Good Shepherd

John 11: Look forward to the final resurrection

John 12a: True worship is costly, but worth it

John 12b: Glorify God, not man!

John 13a: Humility is the essence of love and leadership

John 13b-14a: Love Jesus by keeping His commands

John 14b: The Holy Spirit helps us to love God

John 15a: Abiding in Jesus leads to a fruitful, joyful life

John 15b-16a: Love sacrificially. Evangelize faithfully. Suffer fearlessly. Produce everlasting fruit.

John 16b: Rejoice in tribulation – God is actively at work in us!

John 17: Pray for God’s glory through unity and purity in church

John 18a: Courageously stand for your sovereign God!

John 18b-19a: Behold, your King!

John 19b: Believe the prophecies of Christ’s death, our sacrificial lamb

John 19c-20a: Have Faith! Jesus Lives!

John 20b: Believe in Jesus Messiah for eternal life!

John 21: Follow Jesus, Lord of Love and Forgiveness


When you look over a list like this, you see two main things come up again and again: Jesus is God. Believe in Jesus.

That’s the message of the Gospel of John. Jesus is God. Believe in Jesus.

The question is: have you? How have you responded to this Gospel? Have you placed your faith in Jesus? If so, have you shared this message of good news with others?

                  Believe in Jesus, Yahweh incarnate, for eternal life.


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