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Bible for Life is a program designed to give the attender a well-rounded understanding of God, His Word and what it says. In five years, an individual taking the courses will take classes in each major doctrine, get an overview of every book of the Bible and engage in other areas of practical theology. Each course is typically 5-8 weeks long. You can join at any time during the year. Bible for Life is offered Wednesday nights at 7:00pm and Sunday mornings at 9:45am (Sunday morning is reserved primarily for those who have other obligations on Wednesday nights). Bring a Bible and a pen and get ready to learn!


Upcoming Class | Angels & Demons

Pop culture has always been fascinated with the unseen spiritual world. Be it
horror movies like The Exorcist or the Paranormal Activity series, or more “innocent” examples
like the tiny cherubs that we hang on our Christmas trees, our culture is filled with Hollywood’s
version of the spiritual realm.
But what does the Bible have to say about angels and demons? Who is Satan and where
did he come from? How does the Holy Spirit work in our world and in our lives? This class will
seek to uncover these answers from God’s Word while equipping you to do spiritual warfare on a
daily basis.

1. What is an angel and demon and where do they come from?
2. Who is Satan and where does he come from? Does Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 really refer to
3. What do angels and demons do? Does possession still happen today?
4. What is spiritual warfare and how does it affect us?
5. What are the Nephilim? What is the Angel of the LORD?
6. Who is the Holy Spirit? How can we be sure He is divine?
7. What does the Holy Spirit do?
8. Did the Holy Spirit work in different ways in the Old and New Testament time periods?